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Campaign RulesWar Game RulesCurrent CampaignContact Me


Welcome to 7s & 10s GamesCrusader Great Helm

7s & 10s Games is devoted to playing war games with historical miniatures.  We provide rules for tabletop games as well as email based, war game campaigns.

Campaign Rules.  The Campaign Rules button will lead you to campaign rules for several historical periods. From there you can select a single campaign system, maps and other play aids.  Our campaigns are provided at no cost to you.

Wargame Rules. Wargame Rules leads to pages about various tabletop war game rules we have written and where you can purchase them on-line.

Current Campaign.  Current Campaign holds rules, maps and action to date for a campaign The Northern Conspiracy is currently conducting.

Contact Me.  The Contact Me button allows you to send me an email.  I check my email almost every day.

Ralph Gero