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CC3 Map Reader Install

People using newer versions of Microsoft Windows have experienced problems when using the CC3 Free Map Reader software.  If you experience any problems with the free map reader please try the following process.

  1. Open the Windows 10 Start menu/screen thingy (click the window icon, or press your windows key)

  2. Type "VW32.exe" (it is NOT necessary to have a search window open, it will automatically open a search for dialog when you start typing)

  3. Where the icon for the map viewer shows up, right click the icon and choose 'open file location'

  4. In the file window, find the viewer file and right click it's icon and choose 'properties'

  5. On the screen that opens, click the tab 'compatibility'

  6. On that tab, in the 'compatibility mode' sub-section, select 'run this program in compatibility mode' check box

  7. Also on that tab, select the "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)" choice from the pull-down menu

  8. Click the 'Ok' button at the bottom of the screen

  9. Close all windows

  10. Double-click the map file - when the viewer opens it may ask you to approve administrator access, click 'Ok' or 'Approve' if needed

  11. After you're done with the map viewer the first time, windows will ask you if the program ran correctly, if it did, click 'Yes'. That should make the changed permanent and stop asking you for administrator approval each time.