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Mediterranean Tyranny

Mediterranean Tyranny creates a campaign environment set during the classical era.  Mediterranean Tyranny is optimized when using "Hannibal at the Gates" war game rules.

Mediterranean Tyranny has been crafted to challenge you. However, you will not be expected to manage tedious, unnecessary details. Players will take up the role of Tyrant for their Nation. As such, administrative details will fall below the players level of concern. There are governors to keep the populace in line. There are quartermasters to ensure the soldiers are fed. Players don't worry about the harvest or mine production. They don't care about supply lines or bad weather.

Players do, however, care about their armies; their composition, their quality, their leaders and their missions. They must effectively direct their armies' marches and battles. Players must similarly direct the actions of their fleets.

And players had better care about their war chest. Players only manage that portion of taxes and tribute that is left over after all of the other expenses of the nation have been satisfied, but it is still a critical task. Armies and fleets are expensive. Battle are costly. Players of nations that lack a healthy economy may find themselves unable to take advantage of military opportunities.

So, we have discussed the Military and the Money. Diplomacy adds the third leg to the Mediterranean Tyranny tripod. There is money to be made through trade and a trustworthy ally can be the difference between victory and an early exit from the campaign.

The campaign is played across a map of the Mediterranean Sea environs. You will have a digital copy of the map and map key. You have been provided access to the Campaign Cartographer Map Viewer. Play around with the map viewer. Turn Sheet Effects on and off. When they are on refreshing the map is slow but the map is visually enhanced. Experiment with the zoom controls. Use the selection tool by clicking on the tool with a rectangle then click on the map, drag the box open and click again to see the enclosed section of the map close up.

Each turn you will receive a confidential Briefing Report specifically for your Nation from the referee. Players will also have access to occasional installments of Sallusto's History with campaign news and gossip.