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Campaign Rules

A war game campaign is a strategic level game that spawns several operational level war games. At the strategic level players direct their armies across a map via email messages to a referee. When opposing forces clash on the map, the action moves to a tabletop to resolve the battle.

Members of my war game club, The Northern Conspiracy, have run many campaigns over the years.  I've been lucky enough to play in several of them. 

The purpose of a campaign is to produce several fun historical miniature war games within a challenging strategy game. 

Outside of the campaign environment there are two basic types of war games using historical miniatures.  The most common is the set-piece scenario.  In a scenario game, the game host determines almost all of the variables; the terrain, the order of battle and the victory conditions.  Victory conditions often include gaining certain terrain objectives.

The other common type of historical miniature war game is the tournament game.  Tournament games are normally played between two players rather than between two teams.  Also in a tournament game it is common for each player to provide his own army.  The winner of a tournament game is often decided by determining which player has caused more casualties to the opponent's army.

Scenario games and tournament games are great fun but, like everything, have limits. Tournament games and to a large extent scenario games assume a fair fight. Each player must be presented with an equal opportunity to win.  Even the slightest indication of inequality is a problem. Of course, that's the whole idea. Both sides start with an equal chance to win and the player or team that performs better emerges victorious.

Such games are usually exciting and fun.  But, over time a certain "sameness" can creep in because every game is a fair fight.  Sometimes the most interesting and fun war game is anything but a fair fight and a campaign will generate games that no game host would dare to bring to the table.  Most campaign games will be pretty close because only a desperate player will stand to fight a truly lopsided contest.   Having said that though, a campaign can create just such a desperate situation and the result can be a truly different and extraordinary war gaming experience.

"Mediterranean Tyranny" is campaign rules for the Classical Era.  It is designed to be used with "Hannibal at the Gates" war game rules.