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Napoleon's Rules of War
Nexus - Coming Soon
Hannibal at the GatesSteady Boys! - Coming SoonPulcher's Chickens - Coming Soon

Knight's Helmet

War Game Rules

The various rules sets identified here provide games using historical miniatures on a tabletop.  We provide the rules.  You provide the model soldiers and the battlefield.

Rules sets from 7s & 10s Games are all based on a fundamentally sound set of math models that have been the basis of games for centuries.  In each game from 7s & 10s Games the Law of Large Numbers ensures that a player that earns more positive modifiers will inflict more damage on his or her opponent.  The system's use of the Curve of Normal Distribution ensures that no one will win or lose a game with a single overly important roll of the dice.

We hope you enjoy our rules sets.

"Hannibal at the Gates" creates tabletop games from the Classical Era.  The Roman Republic, Alexander the Great, the 300 Spartans, Hannibal and his elephants all fall under Hannibal at the Gates' umbrella.

"Nexus" does battles from the Pike and Shot era, including the Renaissance Wars, the French Wars of Religion, the Wars of Dutch Independence, the Thirty Years War and the English Civil War.

"Napoleon's Rules of War" present rules and historical background for the Napoleonic Wars. (Charles Galemmo)

 "Steady Boys!" allows you to imagine or recreate battles of the American Civil War.

"Pulchers Chickens" is a companion to "Hannibal at the Gates" for creating seaborn battles. (Charles Galemmo)